Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips For Effective (Basic Conditioning)

Have you ever felt like you've been conditioning and deep conditioning, but for some reason your hair is still dry or doesn't appear to be nourished? That has happened to me... until I realized how important it is to use a clarifying shampoo or vinegar rinse to remove excessive build up from the hair's shaft.

I also did provide a vinegar rinse earlier on in this blog that also serves to remove excessive build up to ensure your conditioners are able to deliver all of the nutrients to your hair & scalp. Be careful of the "cones" in conditioners... they make your hair feel so great when you do apply them and they do a great job of sealing your cuticle. However, they are notorious for leaving build up and possible scalp irritants. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're effectively conditioning your hair:
  • Blot your hair to remove excess water before you apply your conditioner.
  • Gently massage the conditioner in your hair.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to release tangles and make hair more manageable.
  • Pay attention to the type of conditioner you have; is it a leave in or rinse out conditioner?
  • Remember to leave the conditioner for the time specified
  • If necessary, rinse it thoroughly (for rinse out conditioners). Otherwise, you'd be leaving the conditioner in your hair until it is washed the next time (for leave in conditioners).
  • Be extremely careful when detangling your hair while it's wet; avoid harsh rubbing, pulling or stretching.
  • Stay away from conditioners that have cetyl alcohol because they could dry out the hair.
  • Remember to always rinse with cool water to seal your cuticle for shiny hair.

Here are some other tricks to note:

  1. If you have severe tangling, do not start combing through from the root of your hair. Instead, start clearing the ends and work your way up. This would make the tangles closer to the root easier to comb through to the ends.

  2. If you do not use a clarifying shampoo when you wash, try not to use any hair pomade, grease or moisturizer at least 2 days prior to washing to ensure your conditioner is more effective.

Until next time... EZ conditioning!

Ms. Naturesk

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