Monday, June 22, 2009

Know Your Ingredients - Part II

As I promised, here is our second list of harmful products you'll find in many store bought beauty products that you would like to stay away from. In reading some of these you would not believe how dangerous and toxic they are. I always wonder why are they approved for use in our perosnal products and/or food. I will have more to list in the near future... so, stay tuned.
Join me in becoming a label and ingredient expert:
Amonium Laureth Sulfate: causes skin irritation; water contaminant; could also contain the carcinogen I,4-Dioxane.
Benzyl Alcohol: strong neurotoxin; can also cause allergic reaction of the lung; may also cause itching, burning scaling hives and blistering of the skin; causes liver damage, coma and death in some animals.
Coal Tar: know human carcinogen; causes lung and urinary tract cancer; potent skin irritant. This ingredient has even been banned in most countries including Canada and the UK, but is still used in anti-dandruff shampoos in the USA.
Cocomide DEA (Ethanolamide of Coconut Acid): strong human skin toxicant and a suspected carcinogen; causes irritation of the eye, skin and lungs.
DMDM Hydantoin: contains formaldehyde; is a skin, eye and lung irritant and an environmental toxicant.
EDTA (Disodium EDTA): This is a neurotoxin that has been linked to brain damage in animals; causes liver changes, endocrine damage, fetal death and birth abnormalities in animals. It is made from formaldehyde and is actually approved for use in cosmetics and baby food (simply unbelievable).
Sodium Laureth Sulfate: know for eye and skin irritation; is a water contaminant; may also be contaminated with the carcinogen I,4-Dioxane.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: know for eye and skin irritation too; if used in toothpaste, may cause canker sores.
Talc: linked to skin & lung irritation and evcen with no asbestos, was proven to cause tissue injury and fibrosis.
Lanolin: Strong skin irritant and toxicant; linked to causing allergic reaction in the lungs.
Look for these ingredients in products that call themselves "Natural" or "Organic".
Until I bring your next list... Become a label expert!
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