Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's Grow!!!

Hair has three stages of growth:

1. The anagen phase - this is when the hair is actively growing, usually for 2-4 years. It varies from person to person due to a number of factors, like genetics. Our hair is at this phase for a good 93% of the time.
2. The catagen phase - also referred to as the transitions phase. The hair stops growing, but there continues to be cellular activity in the papilla (what we sometimes refer to as the root). This usually lasts for 15-20 days... about 1% of the time.
3. The telogen phase - also called the resting phase, when growth halts completely for about 90-120 days - 6% of the time. There is no additional growth at the papilla. that hair strand is forced out and the cycle begin all over again.

Some interesting facts about hair:
  • Hair grows about 12mm or 1/2 inch per month.
  • A single strand lasts up to 7 years.
  • Women have more hair than men.
  • Hair grows faster in the summer and during sleep.
  • Hair grows its fastest during ages 16-24.
  • Between the ages of 40-50 women tend to loose about 20% of their hair.

  • Hair becomes drier with age.

Black hair is different (let's face it) and we should treat it differently than non-black hair because the make up is slightly different. In most cases, our cuticle could be up to 2X thicker and this causes our hair to be closer to a type 3 or 4. Because of its kinkiness, it's more prone to drying out and thus will break easier than non-black hair. When we brush and comb, we have to deal with more tangles and more hair loss.

I'm a hair type 3b/3c and usually, I have less breakage or hair loss when my hair is straight. When I have a fresh perm or I blow dry my hair, I find I have less breakage. On the other hand I would damage the structure of my hair if I continually blow dry, flat iron or perm more frequently than every 8-10 weeks. So, for all of my followers with black hair, keep in mind that our hair is different.

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