Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do You Need To Condition Your Hair?

We've talked about cleansing and some tips to pay attention to when cleansing your hair and scalp. To have our hair looking its best, lets see if we do need to condition it or not. I don't know about you, but have you tried styling your hair without conditioning it? Isn't it difficult to manipulate? Don't you have many tangles to deal with? I know you're thinking God bless the person that invented the conditioner.
Life happens to our hair... we style, we dry, we curl, we pull, we gel, we flat iron and our hair looks great! Doesn't it? Meanwhile, the abuse caused by heat, products or rough handling lifts our cuticles, allowing necessary moisture to leave and this causes our hair to be dry, dull, brittle and become prone to knots and tangles. As this type of ill-treatment continues, the cuticles would eventually break or become frayed. That's how our hair breaks off or you end up with split ends.
We want to avoid breakage and split ends if we want to preserve and maximize our length. Not to mention, we always want our tresses to look FABULOUS! So it is absolutely necessary that we not only condition after shampooing, but as I've indicated in previous posts, we have to deep condition at least one a month (2X if your hair is much drier than the average person) and use a resonstructor (for chemically processed hair) to add strength back to the core of your hair shaft (cortex & medulla).
A good conditioner should help to:
  • Make hair manageable

  • Smooth down the cuticle

  • Seal in moisture

  • Prevent frizz

  • Add shine
If your conditioner is not doing these things for you, then ditch it and find a new one. As always, I recommend an organic conditioner. Be aware of products that advertise their products as being "Natural" when more than 50% of their ingredients are anything but natural. I also have postings on this blog called "Know Your Ingredients", become familiar with the most common offenders. I use different brands, but always read my labels to make sure that harmful chemicals are not included in my products.
More on conditioning coming...

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