Monday, August 3, 2009

Thinning Hair?

Have you noticed that for one reason or the other you seem to be loosing more hair than normal? Ponytail feeling smaller? Seeing more of your scalp than you should? Then you are suffering from thinning hair and that is cause for concern. What do you do now?

First, determine what could be causing the loss then figure out how to correct & treat the problem. If you do not notice a difference, do seek professional, medical help.

If you're around the age 40-50, it's natural to see some thinning of the hair. Our hair follicles produce hair for a specific time and then the could stop or slow down hair production. So, what could you do to ease this problem...

1. Get rid of the stressful hairstyles... the braids, the weaves, the tight ponytails, the cornrows.

2. Check your diet. Are you getting your fair share of required vitamins & minerals? Think about supplementing your diet with vitamins for your hair.

3. Do you have a medical condition? Is this causing the thinning or what about the medication you could be taking? Notify your doctor if you suspect this is causing your problem.

4. Are you experiencing hormonal changes? Recently had a hysterectomy? Once your hormones are imbalanced, you will notice changes to the way your hair behaves and you will most likely notice thinning hair. Typically it takes about 1 year after hormonal treatment before you see improvements in your body including your hair.

5. What type of products are you using? Are they organic or claim to be natural? Look at the ingredients and get to know how good or how bad they are for you. Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients like sulphates.

6. Do not ignore your hair & think the problem will simply "go away". That would be your biggest mistake. Pay extra attention and take extra care of thinning hair. Condition after every wash & deep condition at least once a month. Consider adding sage essential oil to your conditioner and/or shampoo, that helps to reduce falling hair.

7. Toss the no-lye perm, instead, shop for a conditioning lye perm. No-lye perms can be very drying for the hair & could cause hair loss over time. If you've been considering it or think you could live with it, go natural - ditch the chemicals altogether.

8. Brush your hair or massage the scalp to promote stimulation & circulation of the scalp, this is important to help with the hair growth process. You could also make your own stimulating scalp oil to massage the head with. Be sure to include jojoba oil. There are essential oils that will also help to promote hair growth like lemongrass, basil or rosemary.

Keep your hair on your head because it's beautiful!

Ms. Naturesk
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