Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No more Itchy Scalp

When I launched this blog, it all came from my quest to find a solution for my itchy scalp I had for a few years and to ensure I always have healthy hair & skin. I had also experienced some issues with my skin and started mixing my own skin moisturizers at home and now my skin is doing so much better. So, I figured I better find some solution for my hair, like I did for my skin.
I tried everything under the sun & listen to advice from tons of people. It's not until, I really started doing some research and ditched my over the counter products, like I said I would, and started using organic products, some of which I put together myself, that I have finally seen some relief. I reverted to using some products and ingredients my mom used on me when I was just a little girl. I realized that I had to experiment & find out what really works and what does not.

So, my vinegar rinse was a big help for me in terms of itch relief. I also have not relaxed my hair in about 10 weeks, so you know I need a perm in the worst way... but I'm hanging on. Because I'm paying caring hair and paying so much attention to it, I can go longer than 8 weeks without a relaxer. I'll show you a pic of what my hair looked like with all the flakes & dryness (you can also see all of my new growth). I can't belive it got this bad, but it's alot better now.
I'm still using my concoction, to ensure that my scalp returns to its normal. I will keep you updated. I'm so elated to finally stop itching... YEAH!!!

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