Saturday, December 12, 2009

Give your hair a special treat for the holidays

Hello everyone, it's been a really long time since I've made a post. You won't believe all the changes I've had in my life... nevertheless, look out for continued posts on my blog.
Whenever the holiday season rolls around, we have family & loved ones in town and everyone likes to look their best. All of you that relax/straighten your hair here are a few really, really good tips:
- use a LYE CONDITIONING relaxer. The container must say "CONDITIONING". If you do not see this word, look for another product. I've used Revlon for years. Hawaiian Silk also is a product I've used and have been satisfied with. Lye relaxers never need to be mixed for any of you that do not know the difference between a lye and a no lye relaxer.
- choose the right strength relaxer for your hair type. Ex. fine hair & tender scalp please use a MILD relaxer. Coarser hair types use the REGULAR or SUPER strength.

- base your hair properly.

- move quickly & carefully.
-leave the product in your hair only for the time the product recommends... any longer causes overprocessing & hair damage. When hair is overprocessed it actually starts getting more on the kinky side, rather than being straight.
- After rinsing out the relaxer completely, use a really good moisturizing conditioner & leave in for about 5 minutes then follow with your first shampoo.

- use a neutralizing shampoo preferrably with the color code option; this way you know when all of the relaxer is washed out. You could follow with a moisturizing shampoo for the second wash.

- Condition again after you have washed your hair. If you're able to & have the time it's best to follow a relxer with a deep a conditioner. If you cannot do it the same day ensure by your next wash you do deep condition your hair.
Follow these tips and your hair will really remain healthy and moisturized with your relxer. Remember the introduction of chemicals to your hair makes it even drier than it may already be.

Excellence in Beauty!

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