Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smooth, healthy, beautiful skin

For more than 50% of the year, we're constantly battling to keep our skin beautiful and moisturized. During the winter everything dries out, but in the summer the heat also poses a similar problem. So, how do you keep your skin really moisturized, but still healthy? I do few things to stay moisturized and healthy at the same time.

1. I try my utmost to use an organic product (not natural), organic. There really is a huge difference. Things like 100% cocoa butter, organic Shea butter, organic olive oil etc...

2. Mix my own products so I know there's nothing harmful in them... and this could be as quick or as lengthy of a process as you want it.

3. I moisturize as soon as I get out the shower before my skin get completely dry from exposure to the air. This helps to seal in the moisture remaining on your skin from your fresh shower.
Simple body oil recipe
What you need:
3 oz Sweet Almond Oil
5 oz Organic Olive Oil
5-10 drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oils.
What to do:
1. Measure & pour sweet almond oil and olive oils into a clean bottle with a spout or a pump.
2. Add the fragrance oil(s)
3. Mix together
4. Indulge your skin in your new body creation.

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